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as you, or the one you help rescue from those kids on the street? Theyre fun characters to spend time with, but theyre not going to be winning any awards for cultural sensitivity any time soon. Using the old Magic VS Technology thing, Mandalorians are effectively the equivalent of Sith or Jedi, just on the technological end of the scale. Did they reach the Promised Land? It had to have already been clear that Malak, and Revan before him, had been getting huge fleets seemingly out of nowhere. Sneaking in via their back door lets you catch them cornered in the basement. Before that, he may have suspected or known how powerful you were, but that wouldn't matter much if you weren't doing anything important. I certainly got DS points when I bribed the hotel manager. Also remember that "Revan" is not the person he was as a Jedi - "Revan" is his title as a Sith: the Revanchist. The whole thing sounded flakey. A fair few older Jedi in the Star Wars universe seem to end up a bit more relaxed.

We have worked with Grunts on a number of occasions and they provide nothing but the best quality service! Vous quelle est vos groupe prfr? Why would the council even consider sending the unstable Juhani (who just recently failed the most important test of her Jedi initiation) along with a hopefully reformed Sith Lord and the most important war weapon the Jedi have? Karath was clearly disturbed about the order, but Malak essentially threatened to kill him if he didn't follow his orders. I asked that they move four large and extremely heavy FireSafe cabinets from one floor to another in the office, and they did so with a smile on their face the entire time. No but it's still a evil act. Actually, death matches were banned years previously. The hologram pop-quiz in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk. I'm sure the player character knows what the mission was, but it's probably irrelevant now, what with the massacre. Is it possible that there are other Sith acadmies dotted around the galaxy? In KotOR II, it's possible to use only light side powers, not neutral or darkside, and with the right conversational choices you can still look like you've been hft coupons using force lightning for half a decade before you even get to the first planet!

On Taris, I personally thought that siding with the Black Vulkars should have gotten you at least a net zero alignment gain in the end. You can't simply stop. Bring me the horizon. How come the Sith never recognize the Jedi among the player's party, especially Bastila, except for that one smart Sith officer on Manaan?